The 6 Most Common Types of Capitola Village Getaways

Everyone likes to go on vacation – at least that’s the general consensus we get from our guest feedback. There is always an idea or a reason why you’re taking that “much-needed” vacation to get the planning going. As always, we at Beach House Rentals are more than happy to help you in the planning process from start to finish. Whether you need a reason to visit your favorite little Village on the California Coast or need a reminder to make that trip happen…


Here are the 6 Most Common Types of Capitola Village Getaways that our guests take:

1. Girls Getaway or Guys Trip

Girls Trip Getaway

More often than not we get groups calling to make a girls or guys trip to Capitola Village. Whether you’ve got some gal pals from high school or college that you’ve been dying to reconnect with or you’re a group of guys looking to take a golf trip – we’ve got you covered! Here are our most popular beach houses for a girls getaway or guys trip:

Perfect Family Beach House in Capitola

Oceanside Luxury Dream Beach House in Capitola


2. Family Vacation or Family Reunion

Family Vacation

This is probably the most common type of vacation. There is no better way to make new memories with your immediate family than getting out of the hustle and bustle of life. So take a trip to Capitola Village! With everything in the Village (restaurants, the beach, shopping, water sports, etc.) being family friendly and within walking distance of our beach houses there is plenty to see and do! It’s also a great place to host a family reunion, where each family can have their own beach house.

Click here to choose from our list of beach houses in Capitola Village!

Let us know if you need assistance in booking multiple properties for your reunion! We can let you know which properties are in the closest proximity to each other. Call us at 831-475-1808 or email us here:

3. Couple’s Romantic Escape

Couple's Romantic Escape

Sometimes life can get in the way of our relationship with the most important person in our lives. Spend that much-needed intentional time with your special someone. Come to Capitola and make time to be just the two of you for a getaway in Capitola Village!

Here are a few of our favorite places for 2:

Riverview Condo in Capitola

Oceanside Capitola Village Condo

4. Attending an Event or Wedding

Capitola Wedding

Are you traveling to Capitola or Santa Cruz to attend a wedding or event? Why not make a vacation out of it! Renting a beach house is a great way to spend a weekend wedding. While the festivities may only last one day, if you can stay more than 2 nights, you can celebrate all weekend!

Here are some of our favorite beach houses to rent with your family or friends while you prepare for the big day:

Capitola Cliffs #3 In Capitola Village

Perfect Family Beach House in Capitola Village

5. Celebrate something! (i.e. birthday, anniversary, engagement, retirement, graduation, accomplishment, etc.)

Capitola Birthday Celebration

If we all think long and hard enough we can always find something to celebrate! Whether it is an actual date on the calendar or the fact you made it through another day! Celebrate your good news, a birthday, wedding anniversary, work or school accomplishment, school graduation…just celebrate something in Capitola!

Here are a few great beach houses to spend your celebration:

Capitola Cliffs #3

Capitola Village Retreat

Capitola Lawn Way Cottage

6. Holiday Weekend (or week) Getaway

Holiday Weekend Getaway

Where is your “home” for the Holidays? We’re talking about ALL of the Holidays throughout the year: Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day…all the days!

Turn to Beach House Rentals for your go-to spot to book your “home” for the Holiday of your choice!