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‘Tis the Season!

The Capitola Venetian Experience

We at Beach House Rentals believe in simple pleasures…the smell of coffee with the sunrise, hearing the seagulls calling you outside to start the day; The joy of family and friends creating special moments together. What’s more gratifying, reading a book curled up under a beach umbrella, drifting off to sleep with the ocean breeze;

When Vacation Plans Go Haywire

Let’s face it…..sometimes, stuff happens on Vacation!  Weather forecast calls for sunny skies and a storm sneaks in. Your toddler takes a tumble and needs a couple of stitches. The night out turned out to be an all nighter. This is the Central Coast, where Plan B’s are just as pleasing….. Just in case stuff

The Comforts of Home on Vacation

Dreaming of a Getaway where the whole family has room to work, play, learn, grow and relax together? Make that dream come true at one of Beach House Rentals amazing vacation homes.  Juggling work time, school time, family time, private time and all that stuff in between? Well then, this could be one experience that

We’re All In This Together

We’re all in this together. Fresh ocean air and sunny skies are in the forecast and we couldn’t be happier to extend an invitation to you. We are all in this together, so let’s be respectful of the rules set in place with everyone’s well being in mind, while still sharing our beautiful Central Coast. 

Dreaming of a Central Coast Road Trip

Let’s get back to basics! There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashion road trip. Here at Beach House Rentals and the captivating Central Coast, “the basics” is where it all begins! Here’s some ideas for a Central Coast road trip.  Professional Vacation Rental Standards With everyone’s wellbeing in mind, a Central Coast road trip could