In honor of #NationalSelfieDay we have come up with a selfie guide for the Capitola Village! Taking pictures is a very important part of vacation and capturing the wonderful memories made with friends and family, and what better way to capture those memories of your stay at the beach than with the perfect selfie. With lots and lots of hard work and research we came up with the best 6 spots to take a selfie in the Capitola Village. Try them out and share them with us by posting to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Be sure to use the hashtag…#CapitolaVacation and tag us @BeachHouseRentals. Tell your friends!

  • 1. The top of Depot Hill ~ Climb the huge staircase behind Geisha Sushi to the top of this hill that overlooks the entire Capitola Village. You will get great views of the Capitola Wharf, colorful Venetians and Capitola Beach! FYI, “huge staircase” was not an exaggeration. There are a lot of stairs to get to the top of Depot Hill. Like a lot. For the most successful picture void of gasping and limp tongue hanging make sure you catch your breath and wipe your brow before you attempt a selfie.


  • 2. Esplanade Park under the band stand~ This is right by Capitola Beach where the summer concerts happen every Wednesday night from 6-8pm throughout the summer. It gets a little tricky if you want to get the band in your selfie, but with a little planning and some trial and error, you can definitely include one of the great local bands, mid chorus, right behind you in that selfie. This addition will  really exemplify the amount of fun you are having at the free Capitola Beach Twilight Concert Series, and your Facebook friends will be super jealous.


  • 3. Capitola Venetians ~ If you come to Capitola you have to take a selfie in front of the famous, colorful Venetians. It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Capitola. To get to this selfie spot go onto the side deck of Zelda’s Restaurant for the perfect venetian and water combo as your backdrop. A suggestion not seen in this photo is to point to the colorful Venetians in the selfie to really get the point across that you are in Capitola and these are the famous, colorful Venetians that everyone always talks about and takes pictures of.


  • 4. Stockton Bridge~ Our next selfie spot is over the Stockton Bridge towards Cliff Drive and the Capitola Wharf. This is a good spot to get shots of the river that flows past the restaurants and shops in the Capitola Village.

  • 5. Capitola Wharf ~ This one is another must to really get the point across that you are in Capitola! Go for a lower angle to get your beautiful faces and the full sign in. If you’ve got someone in your group with a really long arm you might be able to angle it to get some of the actual wharf in too.

  • 6. Riverview Walkway ~ Our final selfie spot is on the quaint and peaceful Riverview Walkway. Position yourself along the edge of the walkway right over the river to get the water and the Stockton Bridge in the back. Be careful not to get so into your selfie that you fall into the river! And don’t forget, selfies are fun, you can make funny faces.


We hope you enjoyed our selfie guide to the Capitola Village. Don’t forget to share your selfies with us on social media! If you have any Capitola selfie spot suggestions, let us know! We’d love to hear them and try them out for ourselves.