Whether it’s dreary skies that have you down or the lingering dealings of the past year, one thing that never disappoints is “The beach” First off, this time of year there is more space to relax on the sand. Find your favorite spot, maybe the one that’s always taken in the busy season or discover a new one you never saw with the summer crowds. Outdoor living is where it’s at and how lucky are we to spend it here in Capitola. Beach House Rentals has a little something for everyone; so browse around, give us a call and skip the winter blues in a positive, active, healthy direction. 

Set up the tents and lay out the blankets along with all the necessary snacks or take-out from the many Capitola’s eateries and spend the day in vacay mode. During the “off season” you can spread your wings with your frisbee skills without worrying it’ll land up in someone else’s lap. Or challenge your core group to a round robin of Paddle Ball or Corn Hole. Beach time fun is sure to be had with so many family friendly games. Check out 10 Best Beach Games in 2021 for easy, packable beach fun. 

Yoga and pilates enthusiasts join one of the many available outdoor/beach classes @ pleasure point yoga Or pack your boom box and groove out to your own zumba class oceanside. If you’ve never danced on the beach before, it’s a workout besides being free and fun. 

The changing tides this time of year offer so much adventure and discovery. Be prepared with the king tides to be up close and personal with what lies beneath on our ocean floor.  However, if all you really want to do is start that book you’ve been meaning to read, go for it. Of course if a nap happens to creep in like the ocean breeze, don’t fight it. Just remember to stay in vacay mode. 

Time to head to the dwelling place; only steps away is your Luxury Oceanside Dream Beach House  Indoor and outdoor comforts; This is luxury at it’s finest. This beach house sleeps 9 with amenities to accommodate your every mood. So come and go as you please and wake up every morning filled with unlimited possibilities. 

Looking for somewhere your furry friends can accompany, just cross the street for three dog friendly beach view options. The Capitola Cliffs # 1,3 and 4 offer a combination of ease, comfort, and the best “people watching” balcony around. Right now, during the off season book a 2 (or more) night stay and get the 3rd night free. Now that’s something to brighten up the winter blues!