Published on December 4th, 2017

Did you know that spending quality time with your family through experiences and vacations will benefit your family long-term? Studies show that “giving experiential gifts produce greater improvements in relationship strength than material gifts”. While you may be trying to find out how you can fulfill your kids’ and family members’ wish lists this Holiday Season, why not give the gift that EVERYONE can enjoy and remember for years to come! Book your next family vacation today!

When you give the gift of an experience (such as a vacation), it is an anticipated event to look forward to – sometimes for months at a time. And even when the vacation is over, you have memories, pictures, silly stories, and overall positive feelings toward your experience. These moments and memories are those you will reminisce over for decades and even generations to come! One vacation with your family can mean annual trips to look forward to and your kids may pass on your tradition, too! Give your kids something to say “remember when we went to Capitola for our vacation?”

Many would argue that what makes a memorable vacation is a good time spent with family and friends. The luxury of being able to relax in a home away from home, where you can spread out with your loved ones, cook a cozy breakfast together, play games in the living room, blend into the environment and live in the same ways that a local would. You don’t feel like a tourist but a traveler experiencing a new destination in an authentic way.