Any way you look at it, Capitola Village is extraordinary at all times! With Covid lingering in our lives, Beach House Rentals wanted to share new things happening in our “Happy Place” and some ideas that will keep you and your families moving in positive ways toward the future. 

All of our Capitola Village beach homes come equipped with kitchens to cook up your meals but sometimes, why bother? Capitola Village Restaurants have been whipping up feasts all along these current obstacles. They just want to feed you and are ever-so-happy to please your appetites. Whether dining outside on their cozy curbside bistros or taking it to go, the beach and your lovely abode are all within walking distance. 

Our newest Capitola Village restaurant family member is Reef Dog Deli. We anxiously awaited to see this one open, conveniently across the street from our Beach House Rentals office. They have something for every whim, every taste bud, and every weather condition. Today, I’m diggin into the Reefy’s {Smoked beef brisket pastrami, melted Vermont sharp cheddar, Guinness Stout caramelized onion relish, stone ground mustard, on toasted Jewish rye} and probably later in the afternoon, I may just grab a quick, melt in your mouth, lemon cookie and ……. Oh yes, back to work!

With the new kid in town, let’s not forget about our ol’ loyal village favorites. Who leaves town without a slice and a Tee from the 1st original 1981 landmark Pizza My Heart? Take your slice or the whole pie over to the colorful tiled beach sea wall to catch the glorious sunsets this time of year. 

Need to get your steps in before settling down for sunset hour?  Head on up to Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria for their amazing Blue Plate Dinner nightly special. It’s a locked-in favorite among locals. Continue your trek up to another local gem at HIHN PARK Linger down your evening there with plenty of distance from others and capture the entire Capitola Village simmer in color. 

With the ocean breeze, the gentle waft of waffles will lead you straight to Capitola Ice Cream & Cookies. Creamy delights stuffed inside freshly made waffle cones topped with your heart’s desire to make all we’ve been through worth it. Wander along the riverwalk, taking your time with every delectable lick, and enjoy the comings and goings of the flowing Soquel Creek. Active with ducks and seagulls, occasionally a Great White Egret or Green Heron can be spotted, along with other various bird species. 

As we adjust to the changing times, some of us may not want to go back to exactly how things were. Tight scheduling and juggling all the family’s activities left many of us exhausted just looking at the daily calendar. We’ve figured out we’re more comfortable at home, more motivated, and able to fit things into our schedule. Exercise isn’t a dreaded word anymore. The creativity of Virtual exercise class has taken over how we view a much-needed healthy habit. 

The thing is, even on vacay when you’re at your home away from home, and you’ve devoured a Reefy’s sandwich, a couple of slices of pizza, and a “settle the tummy with a sherbert” psych, you can still participate in your exercise routine any time you darn well please. 

Our Capitola Merchants have done an awesome job of keeping the shopping needs of visitors and locals open and safe. I’ve noticed the kindness and patience of both shopkeepers and shoppers. I certainly appreciate not only safe space but space, in general, to get a good look at new arrivals and maybe things that are always offered but have missed “seeing” in the past. While waiting for your turn to go in, take advantage of the creative window displays. They’re always changing, and once inside, you may not see them the same way. They are meant to entice you in, but now they captivate you to linger and visually enjoy. 

Need to spread your wings, maybe do something you never thought of doing? Let this link Capitola Wharf lure you in. Try your hand at fishing off the pier; no license required! Capitola Boat and Bait will hook you up with everything needed. Or, if you’re up for the challenge the Bay offers, they will set you up for a fun-filled day on the water. 

When all is said and done, the Wharf House is the perfect spot to wind down your day. Let the surrounding sounds, the intoxicating aromas, and the visually stimulating Pacific Ocean remind all of us of the blessings we are sure to find in these extraordinary times.