Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t necessarily mean you get a break from exercising. Do you like to work out and stay in shape while on vacation? Me too! Whether you are coming to Capitola or Santa Cruz County for a few days, a week, or even a couple of months, we’re here to offer some opportunities on great places to get fit, work out, strengthen your muscles, and feel empowered!

Here are some of our favorite ways to stay in shape:

The Barre Collective

Take these virtual barre classes to strengthen your core and build your muscles while improving your fitness abilities with The Barre Collective. Based upon personal experience, this workout has not only made me more fit and toned, but I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life. Feel stronger and more confident in your body – and your heart, too. After each session I feel empowered and inspired and alive. Check it out!

Hot Elevation Studios

Located off 41st Avenue by Tracy’s Nails, tap into your potential and power within while sculpting, strengthening, toning and detoxifying every muscle, gland and organ of your body. Students will certainly be challenged and awakened on every level! Try it today.

Pacific Edge Climbing Gym

Rock Climbing combines balance, flexibility, strength, and focus providing a physical and mental challenge. Pacific Edge has a huge climbing wall and boulders, as well as yoga classes and a weight room! Very fun and challenging activity and they’re open up pretty late, too! Climb away: 831-454-9254

Minorsan Self Defense and Fitness

From marshall arts, kickboxing, Zumba, self defense, and more, you’re guaranteed to receive a great workout! With a great selection of classes offered, challenge yourself today: 831-458-0900

Motion Pacific Dance Classes

Drop in to a class at Motion Pacific. They are dedicated to dance as art, cultivating imagination, community engagement and discipline through accessible dance education and presentation. Classes are offered to dancers of all ages. Dance away: 408-508-5125

Let us know what you think of our “stay in shape” ideas! How do you stay in shape while on vacation?