Let’s face it…..sometimes, stuff happens on Vacation! 

Weather forecast calls for sunny skies and a storm sneaks in.

Your toddler takes a tumble and needs a couple of stitches.

The night out turned out to be an all nighter.

This is the Central Coast, where Plan B’s are just as pleasing…..

Just in case stuff happens!

A Natural Umbrella

nisene marks forest The majestic, lush landscape in the Forest of Nisene Marks provides a “natural” umbrella. The forest takes on a whole new life during and after a good soaking. Take a deep, long inhale and let all your senses come alive. Smell the earthy, minty, herbal fragrance surrounding you; Enhanced when wet. Taste the air around you; Oxygen is life and there isn’t anywhere, cleaner or fresher to get that than in a dewy forest.

Listen to the sounds that echo; Birds squabbling over a fresh, plump worm. 

See the creepy crawlies come out from hiding; The iconic banana slug breathes through their skin, so they need it to be wet. Feel the tickling sensation of cool, fresh drops landing on your neck; Giving the squeals to even the mopiest member in the group. Of course, you can always anticipate a rainbow right from the wall of windows at the stunning Luxury Oceanside Dream Beach House.

Stitches Happen even on Vacation

That’s a bummer, especially on vacation. Can’t get it wet. Can’t get sand on it. 

Hurts to walk. Make the most of the situation and head to Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge where you can let your imagination run wild. It’s a sure win to cheer everyone up no matter what age group the clan is. And if you’re feeling extra artistic check out

The Painted Cork a unique artist studio that offers classes based on the style of painting you want to create, taught by artists themselves. There are two studios; one for 21 years and up where you can sip your favorite adult beverage while exploring your creative side, and under 21 for families, teens, kids or anyone not participating in cocktails. Honestly, no excuse necessary to go have some fun, get creative, make magic or just bring out the Picasso in you. 

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

 Pablo Picasso

The tempting night-life of Capitola

margaritavilleWhether it’s celebratory shots at Margaritaville, cheering on your team at Britannia Arms or getting your groove on at the Sand Bar sometimes vacation has us overindulging at times. Quiet, calm, peace, self love is calling and no better way to receive that than a little pampering; walking distance from your beach house. Relax with a massage at Capitola Village Massage, detox your skin at Vice or bring those locks back to life @ Monet. Finish up with the tranquil sound of waves and a sunset, then call it a night! 

Need More?

For 99 other ideas, pick up a copy of 100 Things to do in Santa Cruz before you Die written by our very own Beach House Rentals team: Leslie, Sara, Dede, and Misty. Not only will they hook you up with the perfect beach house; when you book directly, you save. No plan B needed for that one!